Pilgrim Coffee Company

Lindsey Food, Photography Leave a Comment

One of my favorite things about Kansas City is all the local coffee shops. Ces and I love traveling and one of our favorite parts is trying out new coffee shops. Something we have been doing lately is going to coffee shops for work. The change in scenery is helpful and it’s nice to sip on a delicious latte.

I want to tell you a little about our experience at the Pilgrim Coffee Company. Pilgrim Coffee Company has become one of our favorite work spots. This spot is excellent for working. There is lots of seating available close to outlets so our workflow will not get interrupted.

Let’s talk about the staff! Oh my goodness! Every single time we have been there the staff is beyond friendly. Something that seems to be unique about Pilgrim Coffee Company is that each employee seems to be genuinely interested in their customers. The staff is incredibly easy to strike up a conversation with and will go out of their way to serve each customer. I’ll give you an example: While taking photos for this post, Benjamin, offered to make a coffee for an action shot and then gave me a free coffee!

The coffee! The options Pilgrim Coffee Company has are truly unique. They currently have a charcoal latte that is amazing and they are killing it in their fall selections with their Autumn Spice, Maple Spice, and all their Louisburg options. I’ve tried the Charcoal latte a couple of different ways and it doesn’t matter they are all delicious.

Pilgrim Coffee Company caters to many dietary restrictions. They offer oat milk, coconut milk, and macadamia nut as tasty alternatives. They also have tasty treats for gluten-free people! Due to the friendly staff, the charcoal latte, and the gluten-free options we will be going to Pilgrim Coffee Company many times.

We love Pilgrim Coffee Company!