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Hi guys! Lindsey here! I have to tell you about the amazing opportunity I had! I had the amazing privilege and honor of photographing my first birth!!! Eeekkk!!! Many of you know that before I started, Poemas de Barro, with Ces I was a nurse. I worked mostly in surgery but worked in Labor and Delivery as a L&D Nurse and a Baby Nurse. I loved it!

I had been talking to Ces about doing birth photography so I decided to reach out to Grace. She was so kind! I emailed her and her response was, “it’s up to you if you wanna see me as a wreck, but yeah come!!!!” After the okay we planned to meet up for coffee closer to her due date. We never got to meet up and talk over the birth plan, instead baby Karis decided she wanted to come into the world a little earlier.

Let me tell you, it is a whirlwind. This first time Momma crushed it with so much strength and grace. She checked in on me more than once to make sure I was ok and apologized profusely for how long it was taking. As if it was her fault! Seriously ,though, she did amazing. Her labor was over 36 hours. She had an amazing team to support her through every contraction. Grace had her husband, sister, a doula, and some other family there by her side all 36 hours.

There were tears, prayer, and kind words of encouragement! Seriously, guys, it was probably the most beautiful I have every seen. 

Photographing Baby Karis is just the beginning of many more births to come! Email me to get more information about Birth Photography .