Poemas de Barro

(Poems Made Of Clay)

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We are Ces & Lindsey! We are husband and wife, avid foodies, happy campers, and adventure buddies, and in all of this, we are storytellers!

We believe we all carry stories in us, they are what shape us. We crave to share our stories with others. So tell us, what makes you laugh the hardest? How did you feel when he kissed you for the first time? What was it like to sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs? Poemas de Barro is here to help shape your stories into poetry that will reach the heart, soul, and marrow of those around you.

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Shot on RED

We'll tell your story with the best tools at our disposal. RED cameras produce beautiful high-resolution and high dynamic range images. They are typically used in many of Hollywood's feature films and high-end commercials.

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