Nevin + Megan

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Nevin and Megan met in college at Berkeley through a series of brunches at Megan’s sorority. They had started out as friends and the more time they spent with one another the more they realized how wonderful it was to have a person to share life with who has similar passions and interests. They also realized they could truly be themselves with each other; that and she told us, “Its hard to resist a guy that is willing to go to a museum and sushi on a first date,” which happen to be two of Megan’s favorite things.

Near the time of their engagement they went ring shopping in Westwood and found exactly what they were looking for. Shortly after that, they had planned a trip to Europe to see some of Megan’s family that Nevin hadn’t met yet. He told her that he wouldn’t bring the ring on the trip (she believed him). On a brisk England day during a walk through London with Megan’s godmother, they crested a hill at the highest point in London. Nevin turned to speak and nothing came out of his mouth. Actions always speak louder than words, so Nevin dropped to a knee and Megan realized what was happening. She whipped her fair hand from her glove and immediately held it out. Her dad flew back with them and when they landed in California where their whole family was waiting to receive them.

Nevin and Megan were married on August 17th at the Ambassador Campus in Pasadena. They had a full day with back to back ceremonies, one traditional Indian and the other Western. One of the highlights was a familiar friend we had worked with before; Tai the elephant made an appearance for the Barat section of the day. Megan loves elephants so the chance to interact with one with her future husband was a special event all it’s own. During the western Ceremony, Nevin, dropping to a knee, used his vows as a chance to expound on what he had tried so hard to say months before in London.