Luke + Kathy | Magical Love Story Film | Kansas City, MO

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Luke and Kathy met at church. They both relocated for jobs in Kansas City and met on a Thursday night at a careers group at Mission Road Bible Church. We have had the joy of watching their journey from being friends, to a couple, to engaged, and now MARRIED!!!! Here is a little bit about their love story…

During our Love Story Films we love to ask all sorts of questions to get to know our couples and find what best tells their love story! One story we absolutely love that didn’t make the cut was the story that cemented their desire to spend the rest of their lives with each other!!!! Guys!!! you need to hear this story. IT. IS. CUTE!!!

Luke and Kathy both have huge hearts for ministry and volunteer in youth ministry. It was time for high school camp and they both signed up to be game crew leaders.

We were on the way to High school camp and we were in a fifteen passenger van along with thirteen other people. I (Kathy) was on an aisle seat with no seat in front of her. Everyone was falling asleep leaning on the things but I had so place to rest my head. My head was literally bobbing. All of a sudden I feel some pressure pushing my shoulders back and my face was in a pillow and I looked up and saw Luke. Luke had given me his pillow. It was such a tender thing. I had never been cared for in such a tender way. Very sweet and a memory that I will always remember. That was the moment when I thought man, I love this man.

Luke was asked to reflect on when he knew Kathy was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, His response was, ” There were difficult moments in our relationship where we were navigating where we were headed but Kathy was always so patient and comforting. I think it just put me in awe of who she is and made me fall in love with her. “

We love telling the love stories of amazing people! Everyone is unique and everyone has a story to tell. Let’s connect because we desperately want to hear yours! Now enjoy more of Luke and Kathy’s love story with their film 🙂